Invest in something today that your future self will thank you for.

Working on yourself and/or your relationship is not just an investment of time and energy, it can be a significant financial investment as well.

But more often than not, I see people reaching out as a last resort, when it's clear that earlier intervention could have had a greater, more positive impact. This also goes for issues with anxiety, self-esteem, stress, etc. Making your health and relationships a priority as soon as you notice a problem or potential problem doesn't mean you're "broken" or a "failure." It means you want better for yourself and those you love the most.

Counseling Sessions:

50-minute Individual Counseling session: $100

50-minute Couples Counseling session: $120

80-minute Couples Counseling session: $185

Premarital Counseling Packages:

Intro Package: Perfect for couples looking for a quick assessment and check-in of their relationship. 

$249, paid in full at first session. Includes:

  • 3 premarital counseling sessions ($300 value)

  • In-depth online couples assessment ($29 value)

All-Inclusive Honeymoon Package: Perfect for couples looking to invest in creating a dream marriage by developing skills that will last a lifetime!

$697, paid in full at first session. Includes:

  • 8 premarital counseling sessions ($800 value)

  • In-depth online couples assessment ($29 value)

  • Engagement Packet including over 25 evidence-based tools and exercises to enhance your relationship

  • $20 off future couples counseling sessions up to 1-year wedding anniversary!

Save the Date Package: $100 paid per session, plus $29 for initial assessment. Includes:

  • Up to 8 premarital counseling sessions (option for less sessions)

All counseling services are available via video sessions for your convenience!

All counseling services are available via video sessions for your convenience!

I accept cash and all major credit cards as well as HSA/FSA cards.

I don't accept health insurance (scroll down to learn more about why).

Cancellations require 48 hours advance notice. If you cancel an appointment with less than 48-hour notice you will be charged the full appointment fee.

Why don't you take insurance for reimbursement?

Great question! And a very common one. I want to be as transparent about this as possible.

The first reason is that I often work with couples, and couples therapy is not something that qualifies as "medically necessary" under a health insurance plan, so insurance will not cover couples sessions, or individual sessions focused on relational issues. Health insurance also does not cover self-improvement.

Since the people I work with are often presenting with common stress or relational issues, I cannot ethically provide a diagnosis for insurance reimbursement given that the presenting problems are not "medical disorders" to be diagnosed. I understand people as unique and complicated individuals, and I want to focus on them in this way in therapy, rather than solely on symptoms to be "treated."

The second reason is that when involving insurance, therapists are required to:

  • disclose detailed information about you and your counseling sessions

  • provide a mental health diagnosis that becomes a part of your permanent record

  • seek "approval" for ongoing sessions by indicating medical necessity

I personally feel that I'm violating the confidential nature of the client-therapist relationship by disclosing sensitive client information to managed care companies; I'm old school in that I believe that therapy should be strictly between client and therapist.

Also, because this information becomes a part of your permanent medical record, it can be unfairly used against you in the future when applying for life insurance, disability claims, etc. Unfortunately, many health professionals don't share this with patients before documenting these diagnoses that can follow you forever.

Lastly, managed care companies often limit the number of sessions you can have, which I believe should be a therapeutic decision made between you and I. 

In summary, I want to work for YOU. Not the insurance companies. 

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