Premarital Counseling



This is a really exciting time in your life.

You're probably in full wedding planning mode, obsessively pinning centerpiece ideas and wedding dresses.

Everyone keeps tellings you that this will be the "best day of your life" so the pressure is on to make sure that it is. 

But as beautiful as this day will be (trust me, it will be), it's only one day. 

Choosing to spend forever with someone means that there will be many more days...and many of those days will be SO amazing, they might even rival your wedding day.

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But there will also be days you're more than just a little annoyed by your partner.

Days where expectations aren't met.

Days of financial struggle.

Days of silent treatments.

Sick days.

Insecure days.

Lonely days.

Lazy days.

I hate to be a Debby Downer, but the struggle of two people sharing their lives together is very real and ignoring it is not doing anyone any favors. So why not prepare for the inevitable challenges, rather than deny them?

We prepare for exams in school by studying. We plan for our careers. We even prepare for emergency situations.

Marriage, the one thing we say we value the most, should not be an exception.

It makes me sad to see how so many troubles in marriages could have been avoided or prevented with some open communication and education early on. We shouldn't be expected to just magically "know" how to have good intimate relationships.

I know it can be scary during this already busy and stressful time to have some honest and vulnerable conversations about your relationship. You don't want to "rock the boat." It's easier (and let's be honest, more fun) to think about flower colors and hairstyles.

But trust me, you don't want to be having these conversations decades from now when there is too much water under the bridge.

If this whole commitment thing is truly important to you, treat it that way- Invest more in marriage planning than wedding planning, and you can have a marriage more beautiful than your wedding. 




I specialize in helping both individuals and couples navigate this exciting period in their relationship so that they can:

  • Cope with present stressors (decision-making, family issues, conflict with partner, etc.)

  • Be better equipped for potential relationship issues down the line (uncover each other's values and expectations about your future together, develop communication and conflict resolution skills, enhance intimacy, etc.)

  • ENJOY their engagement and mindfully and intentionally take this wonderful next step together.

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Premarital Counseling Packages:

Intro Package: Perfect for couples looking for a quick assessment and check-in of their relationship. 

$249, paid in full at first session. Includes:

  • 3 premarital counseling sessions ($300 value)

  • PREPARE/ENRICH online couples assessment ($35 value)

All-Inclusive Honeymoon Package: Perfect for couples looking to invest in creating a dream marriage by developing skills that will last a lifetime!

$697, paid in full at first session. Includes:

  • 8 premarital counseling sessions ($800 value)

  • PREPARE/ENRICH online couples assessment ($35 value)

  • Engagement Packet including over 25 evidence-based tools and exercises to enhance your relationship

  • $20 off future couples counseling sessions up to 1-year wedding anniversary!

Save the Date Package: $100 paid per session, plus $35 for initial online assessment. Includes:

  • Up to 8 premarital counseling sessions (option for less sessions)


All premarital packages are suitable for dating, engaged, and same-sex couples.

Sessions are available in-person or online for your convenience.

Certified PREPARE/ENRICH Facilitator