Couples Counseling

The more you invest in a relationship, the more valuable it becomes.
— Amy Grant
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We all know successful relationships require work (see Everything You Wanted to Know About Couples Therapy), but kids, jobs, household tasks, unexpected stress can make it difficult to make it a priority. 

Sometimes we need a professional who can see things we may not be able to, and who can act as a consultant or guide in helping our relationship get back on track. 

Couples counseling can provide a safe space to resolve current relationship problems, but it can also be helpful in preventing an exacerbation of problems, or to simply receive a “check-up” during a period of transition or increased stress.

The sooner these problems are addressed, the greater likelihood that you can achieve peace in your relationship and your life long term.

When it comes to your relationship with your spouse or partner, you shouldn't have to settle for "good enough." Most of the couples I see are not falling apart, they're being proactive and looking for guidance before things get too out of hand, or are looking to make a good relationship great.

You deserve a relationship that is a source of fulfillment and connection, rather than stress and frustration. With the proper skills and guidance, I can help you take your relationship to that next level.

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How I Can Help

I specialize in helping couples:

  • Improve communication and understanding

  • Increase emotional intimacy

  • Learn how to manage areas of conflict more effectively

  • Identify values and create shared meaning and purpose

I use approaches that are backed up by research so that you and your partner can see progress as quickly as possible. I personalize counseling to fit what you're coming in with and what you're looking to gain.

What You Can Expect From Couples Counseling

We start out with 3 initial assessment sessions that are each 80 minutes long. This is so that I can understand the problem(s), your relationship history, family history, and identifying your goals for counseling, both as a couple and individually.  Most couples continue with 60 minute sessions weekly, but those that are super-motivated like 80-minute sessions either weekly or biweekly.

Once we complete the assessment, I’ll decide what approach is going to be most effective to start with. These approaches are either Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy, Gottman Method couples therapy, or Relational Life Therapy (a quick google search of these approaches will give your more details). I will often use a combination of approaches that are personalized to your particular issues.

Regardless of the approach, you’ll be getting action steps and recommendations to make sure you're implementing what you're learning in between sessions, and we’ll be discussing progress and barriers together at our follow-up sessions each week.

Sessions are initially scheduled weekly. Once a fair amount of progress has been made, you and your partner may choose to come in on a biweekly basis or monthly basis for maintenance sessions. I strive to help you achieve deep, long-lasting change and for many couples, feeling "accountable" to checking in with me within a month or two or three can make all the difference in maintaining gains.