What My Clients Say

(These are anonymous unsolicited reviews left on my online profile)

Ivanna is patient, kind, and non-judgemental. She is easy to talk to, even with difficult topics. I feel that she listens carefully and really wants to help. I've seen improvement with her help.

Patient, Approachable, and so friendly! I love Ivanna- she became a source of support for me from day 1. She is so easy to talk to and provides wonderful and very reasonable advice. I feel so much better getting her perspective!

Ivanna is a wonderful therapist! Ivanna has helped me find myself truly and gain confidence, it is the greatest gift anyone could ever give me. I couldn't have asked for a better therapist. She is genuine, caring and attentive, always responding thoughtfully and asking the right questions with compassion and non-judgement. One of the most empathic persons I have met, I trust her just like a friend. Thanks, Ivanna!

Extremely helpful! Ivanna was able to help me through one of the most difficult times in my life. She helped me gain my self confidence back and cope with all of the negative situations going on in my life. My marriage and the relationships with my immediate family members benefited from my work with Ivanna.

So helpful! Ivanna helped me through the process of planning my wedding with great success. I was having second doubts about getting married, questioning my new family and all the commitment getting married means. She was really assertive and on point with this future bride constantly jumping from one topic to another. I would totally recommend Ivanna as she surely took great care of me. Thank you so much for being there for me Ivanna, it was really important to have your support.

Perceptive and Genuine- I did not expect to connect with Ivanna so quickly! Using her expertise and personal experiences, she made me feel comfortable confiding in her. She keeps a positive attitude but is very respectful of the pain I express to her. She helped me identify negative thought processes that were slowing me down and helped me see my own potential. Thanks to her the dilemmas I am having with my family are more manageable! Thanks, Ivanna!

Ivanna was extremely helpful as i was going through something tonight- she gave me sound advice and led me to my own resolutions- i thought she was very patient and also honest.

Ivanna is the best therapist I've come across in my life. She is compassionate, kind and empathetic, but also knows how to approach everything you throw at her and make you see new ways to navigate through life thanks to her experience and her own life. She is amazing and I could not be in better hands.